98% of our PSLE students improve a grade and more!

A holistic programme  backed with neuroscience research to help our champs achieve PSLE Success. 

“With self-discipline, almost anything is possible.”
- Theodore Roosevelt

Crafted For
Optimal Learning Online

To achieve the best learning outcomes with online lessons, we first need to guide children in understanding the importance of independent learning and how to achieve it. That’s why we’ve incorporated our unique Champion Mindset Training into all of our MindChamps Online programmes.

By nurturing the right mindset, our students learn more effectively, and (perhaps more importantly) build traits like discipline and independence that will benefit them long after their days of examinations.

We’ve taken key ICT pedagogies and incorporated them into the best of our PSLE lessons and workshops to create an effective online programme. One that ensures your child achieves the same outcomes as face-to-face classes, balancing online learning and real-life application for a holistic learning experience.

Developing the Right Mindset

We teach our students, first and foremost, to enjoy the process of learning and to build the right attitudes that guide them in everyday life.


This benefits them in school, where they’re more motivated to achieve their academic goals, and in the long term, where their resilience and passion stands them apart from their peers.

Learning Made

Mastering content is easier than you think, but only if you have the right learning techniques and a well-structured curriculum.


The brain learns better when it can identify links between the new concepts and what it already knows. Our curriculum is structured specifically to tap on this – we cover topics in an optimal flow that helps our students learn more easily and effectively

Applying & Adapting Knowledge

Practice makes perfect. However, practising something without fully understanding it can be counter-productive.


We teach our students how the same concept can be applied to different questions. This not only deepens their knowledge, but also builds their ability to adapt and adjust their knowledge for application to specific questions or situations in real life.


P5 and P6 students.

Our PSLE Programmes starts in the last quarter of the Primary 5 year

PSLE Success Programme is subject based, covering English, Math, Science, Chinese.


A 20 to 40 weeks PSLE programme designed to holistically prepare your child for their milestone examination.

Champion Mindset & PSLE Strategies Boot Camp 1-week workshops that focuses on building your child’s Champion habits for optimal exam preparation and performance.


Two 1.5 hours lessons weekly

Lesson A: Content Mastery
Lesson B: Application Mastery

Small group 1 hr lessons are available weekly to help students who are weaker in their content mastery and requires more guidance.


All Lessons will
be conducted via the teleconferencing platform Zoom. 


From the comfort
of your own home! So your child saves on time and energy on commuting to and from classes in this critical prep year.

Hear from our
PSLE Graduates

Our young champs share their experiences going through the PSLE Success Programme with their trainers and how it has helped shaped their mindset and prepared them for their exams.


Champion Mindset and Exam Strategies
Boot Camp

All of our students will attend 2 Champion Mindset Boot Camps as part of the PSLE programme. One, at the start - to prepare and guide our students to maximise their learning during the programme. The second, just before the final examinations - to build thier confidence and help them perform at their optimal state of mind.

  • Learn about what makes a Champion and defines the Champion Mindset

  • Acquire strategies for time management and tools for revision

  • Identify emotions and discover how they can be used to keep exam pressure and stress at bay

  • Pick up tips for maintaining an optimal state of mind before, during and after an exam

  • Master the art of setting realistic yet challenging goals

  • Attend complimentary sharing sessions by Paralympians Yip Pin Xiu and Dr William Tan

A holistic training programme that is crafted around your child


PSLE Success Subject-Specific Lessons

With a focus on content mastery and application, this programme is designed to break down and restructure the entire learning sequence for more effective learning. Using our proprietary Optimal Flow Method, we’ll help your child learn and understand each concept deeply, then move on to how they can be applied to specific question types.

The unique methodology we use in lessons is based on neuroscience and educational psychology research.

  • Available in English, Chinese, Maths and Science

  • Classes are conducted in 2 parts, content mastery and application master.

  • Learning the critical content according to MOE syllabus, and apply the knowledge to key examination questions.

  • English and Chinese: Using a series of structural activities with a focus on key examination components such as comprehensions and compositions

  • Maths: Solving complex heuristic questions and maximise marks gained in every component.

  • Science: Answering open-ended questions effectively through our 4 step concept formation method.

Meet Our Curriculum Heads and Senior Trainers


Gloria Goh

  • Deputy Director of Training

  • BA in English Literature and Business

  • Diploma in Education (NTU/NIE)

  • Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering

Gloria heads the curriculum team for our Primary and PSLE Success Programmes as well as our preschool Reading and Writing programmes. She is a MindChamps International Speaker who personally crafted 4 of our top training programmes, including Confident Communicator, Oral Presentation and Young Champions. Before joining MindChamps in 2006, Gloria had 10 years of experience teaching in various MOE schools.

Schedule and Fees

Speak with us to find a programme timing that best suits you and your child’s scheduling needs. The fees for our Online Programme are as follows:



for 120 hours of subject specific lesson time and 30 hours of Champion Mindset Training

$300 / month



for every additional subject.

for 60 hours of subject specific lesson time and 15 hours of Champion Mindset Training

$300 / month


for every additional subject.

There are limited spaces in our classes. Speak to us today to secure a seat for your child.

Learn from
World Champions

We’ve invited our Champion Ambassadors to speak at our Champion Mindset & PSLE Boot Camp.

Either Yip Pin Xiu or Dr William Tan will be sharing nuggets from their rich life stories for one hour each as part of our Champion Mindset workshops.

Find out more about what our guest speakers have achieved in the short profiles below.


Sign up for our PSLE Success Online Programme today. 

We’re here to help you and your child through this crucial year. Leave your details via the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.


Yip Pin Xiu


Pin Xiu has lived with muscular dystrophy since she was two years old and lost the ability to walk at the age of eleven. Nevertheless, she has not let her condition stop her from competing at the highest levels and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for her sporting accomplishments.

In 2018, Pin Xiu also became one of the youngest Nominated Members of Parliament ever.


Yip Pin Xiu is a three-time Paralympic gold medallist who specialises in swimming the backstroke. She first came to nationwide attention for winning a gold medal in the 50m backstroke S3 at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. She picked up two more gold medals at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympics, breaking the world record for the 100m backstroke S2 in the process.


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