PSLE Success

with our proven MindChamps method.

Not sure where to begin with your child’s PSLE revision strategy?

We’ve come up with a winning formula that’s helped 98% of our students improve by one grade or more at the 2019 PSLE.


Becoming an expert in key conceptual knowledge

Find out how the combination of these 3 factors can help your child emerge a Champion at his/her PSLE too!


Nurturing positivity and resilience throughout the journey


Knowing how and when to apply each answering technique

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Our Students’ Outstanding PSLE Performance


of our students achieved
a 1-2 grade improvement


of our students improved by one or more grades
at the 2019 PSLE

We’re confident that we can help your child achieve meaningful progress as well.


of our students achieved
a 3-4 grade improvement

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Our PSLE Success Programme

How can your child effectively understand and remember all the content covered through his/her primary school years? What about being able to accurately recall the relevant concepts when he/she tackles questions on the PSLE?


Our students achieve this using our Optimal Flow Method™, which was developed based on research in Neuroscience.







This is learning.

Examination performance.

What is the Optimal Flow Method?

Here's how a typical lesson usually works: topics are learnt in isolation. This tends to result in poor synthesis, and an increased difficulty in recalling information due to the inability to link topics to each other.

With our Optimal Flow Method™, key concepts introduced early in the programme are revisited throughout the year. Students learn how every topic is interconnected and develop a deeper and broader understanding of the subject at hand.

Ultimately, it's all about the four As:

Active Understanding

Active Recall

Active Storage


“I’m so happy that I achieved 4 A* and an aggregate of 268!”

“I have always enjoyed going for MindChamps classes. I’m so happy that I achieved 4 A* and an aggregate of 268!

I used to score below average for Chinese, but the MindChamps PSLE Success Chinese program helped me improve to an A* for Chinese and a Merit for Higher Chinese for my PSLE. I now have a positive mindset and attitude. MindChamps is awesome and epic!”


MindChamps PSLE Success Graduate

More About Our Curriculum


  • Master tricky grammar rules and strengthen skills in tackling comprehension questions
  • Learn how to identify key ideas in sentences and paragraphs, and how to make inferences
  • Understand the different text types such as formal and informal styles
  • Work on writing skills and pick up tips on improving storylines and adding details to make stories come alive


  • Acquire and practise higher-order thinking in understanding and applying new mathematical concepts
  • Break down and solve Heuristics or word problems
    (e.g. Parts, Parts-Whole, Working Backwards)
  • Deepen understanding of basic mathematical concepts such as whole numbers and fractions


  • Revise and master concepts from lower primary
  • Introduce and deepen understanding of concepts through hands-on experiments and videos
  • Apply conceptual knowledge effectively in answering FRQs


  • Learn key writing techniques for composition excellence
  • Use a variety of idioms and proverbs in composition writing
  • Summarise thoughts and convert them into writing
  • Develop story ideas by analysing pictures

This 20-week programme is available in English, Chinese, Maths and Science.

Our PSLE Success Guarantee to you.

It means the world to us that parents entrust us with their child’s PSLE preparation.

As a promise to provide only the best for our students, we’ve extended a PSLE Success Guarantee to all families whose children are enrolled in our 30- or 40-week PSLE Success Programmes.

As part of this guarantee, you will receive a full refund of fees for the programme if your child does not achieve a minimum improvement of one grade at his/her PSLE from the grade attained on our pre-assessment*.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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