Reading Programme


Ages: 3 - 7
Duration: 2 hours

Enrolment to our reading programme is based on your child’s reading abilities, not by his/her age. The level assigned to your child (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) is determined through a literacy assessment that he/she will take upon enrolment.

The curriculum for each level is taught over 10 weeks, with each lesson lasting 2 hours.

  • Acquire basic reading skills (i.e. letter recognition and sounds of the alphabet

  • Understand the basic concepts of print (i.e. capital letters and punctuation)

  • Learn to write his/her own name and common 3- and 4-letter words

  • Identify diagraphs and use correct grammar and punctuation when writing

  • Tell stories in his/her own words

  • Respond to questions and participate in discussions confidently

  • Read comprehension passages confidently

  • Use correct punctuation marks, grammar structure and phrases

  • Communicate ideas, feelings and information through simple short stories

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